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You can make your website rank higher in search and also improve your domain ranking by adding SEO video. The trick is now the content of the video and how to optimize video for SEO. It is proven by statistics that people tend to spend lesser time on webpage with no videos than the ones with videos. You need to prepare a well-executed video that has a good substance, content and quality.

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To create a SEO video one has to focus on quality because that is the key to getting people’s attention. If your video has poor sound quality, it won’t keep audience entertained and they would leave the website. Whatever kind of video you post on the website, would ultimately reflect your brand thus you want to post an amazing quality video with truly tells about your brand. Good quality and standard video keeps the visitors engaged. The visitors can share, comment and like your video thus you can gain popularity.

With the help of SEO video you can perform keyword research. Making use of exact search query phrases to define your content would definitely allow you to get your website on the top page of the search engines like Google. To create such a video you can start by picking one keyword per video and putting the keyword phrase in the title, file-name, and description of the video. Google reads the transcript of the video so write a script for your movie and also say the keyword in the video or make use of YouTube captions as a transcript alternate.

Upload your SEO video on YouTube as it is free and second most used search engine. Assorted, rich-media landing pages are appealing, offer a good user experience, and give Google a lot of context that increases your rank. The number of views for your video affects the ranking of your website as all the views account for visitors landing on your webpage. You can also create a SEO video sitemap that pulls your website on the top search pages. Video sitemaps can be made easily with the help of number of free Sitemap generators available online. Another thing to note is using a Schema markup for your video. Thus Video marketing accounts for the ranking your website and thus should be taken care of extremely well.


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