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A lot of software and new upgrades come into the market every day. You might be using some software for quite some time, but you need to update it the latest software available for better and new features, compatibility, and much more. Usually if you are connected to internet, your software prompts you to upgrade it to the latest software. It is simple as you just follow the dialogue boxes that appear. Sometimes you might need to search for your software latest version, which might available for free or purchasable.

latest software

Here are some of the latest software available in the market, for your convenience. WinSnap 4.5.0 is a software that allows you to modify and take screenshots. It can support a number of image formats. It allows adding coloring effects, taking snapshots of non-rectangular windows with modified and clear backgrounds, eye-candy drop shadow addition, auto and manual canvas alterations, advanced automatic save features, and exclusive multi-object capture approach. Version 1 is available for free and shareware for Version 2 and above.

McAfee Labs Stinger is a famous malware, antivirus and online threat removal software. The latest software ensures removal of any threats or virus from already infected computers. It uses innovative cloud powered scanning methods to detect a virus in not only active processes but also DAT files and loaded modules. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Since this a really powerful tool, it should be used only professionals and not by someone who is completely new threat detection and removal system.

Dropbox 2.6.12 is a freeware tool. This latest software allows you to store your files online and sync the files between your other computers. This means if you store a file in dropbox at one computer, you can access the file from any other computer which also has dropbox installed. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. You can also access your files from Dropbox website as well since a copy of your file is stored on Dropbox servers. Thus you easily access it from iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. The initial 2 GB is free and can be extended up to 100GB after subscription. The best part is that it is available even when you are offline, you can access your files offline as well.

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