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Life has become so easy in today’s fast paced world of technology. Technology has given some of the best software. Whether it is simple software to teach your children alphabets or software for complicated tasks like managing your accounts or your business, internet allows you to search for the best software available online.

For software engineers, if you are looking for best software to develop applications in Java then you can download the open source Eclipse tool which is easily available online. For the C/C++ developers, Eclipse provides Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers. A different version of Eclipse for J2EE and DSL developers is also available at no cost at all.


For automation testing, to test the web based applications Selenium IDE tool is also available free of cost online. Selenium allows automation of test cases in various languages like Python, Java, Ruby, and Perl. Selenium RC(Remote Control) and Selenium Web Driver allows programming with the above mentioned languages. This is the best software available for automation of web based applications. For manual testing, the best software available is HP Quality Center. It allows you to manage test cases, test suites and add new projects. The manual testers can keep a good track of their test suites for different phases of the project. HP Quality Center tool can be used for Unit testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and Functional testing.

If you are looking to buy the best software for desktop based application, you can download the HP Quick Test Professional online. It is available at no cost at all and can be used for functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. It was first released in 2001 and latest released 11.53 came out in November 2013.

If you are looking for tools to know the code coverage of your code, you can download PureCoverage tool by IBM. It can be used to generate report in various formats. You can use it for Java, C, C++ code. It is easy to install and learn how to use. You can also check memory leaks with this tool. The trial version is available at no cost and after the trial version you can get the full version to avail uninterrupted benefits.

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