Free DJ Software

free dj software

People looking to make a career as a DJ or teens throwing a party or kids trying something new in music can pick up free DJ software online in a few simple steps. A lot of free DJ software are available online that can help kids, teens and adults learn about DJ mixing. Some of these softwares are available for free while some are chargeable. Before downloading the free DJ software, one can also avail the online DJ video courses, or read through the FAQ, manuals and guides.

free dj software

DJ software can be Computer DJ, Virtual DJ, DJ digital controller, Kramixer, Mixxx software. A Computer DJ is a DJ who uses a laptop or computer to play digital music encoded audio files to a huge crowd at a party. Virtual DJ runs on Mac or PC and allows Computer DJ to mix videos and music, with or without external device.

Virtual DJ software is available free of cost. It is one of the best free DJ software available online. The first version of this software came out in July 2003. It is developed by Atomix Productions Inc. and can be used by club and mobile DJs. There are five different versions of Virtual DJ which are VirtualDJ Broadcaster, VirtualDJ Limited Edition, VirtualDJ Home Edition, VirtualDJ Pro Basic and VirtualDJ Pro Full.

Another free DJ software available online is Kramixer. One can explore great creative possibilities of digital mixing with Kramixer. It runs on most of the versions of Windows. It comes with great user interface which is quite colorful and appealing. The default mode of the software allows settings that make sure that there are no sound problems. There are many different real-time effects available such as low pass, robotic, reverb and echo effect. On this free DJ software allows you to record the mixes as MP3 files.

Mixxx is also great free DJ software that is easily available. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac. You can create live mixes whether you are a beginner or a professional. All the mixes you create and record can be saved as a WAV. It also supports vinyl control and midi control. It also offers wide variety of real time effects.